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​​“Baby” Ballet                                

Ages 3 to 4 years old. Emphasis is on imaginative and creative movement and story telling. Building communication, co-ordination and listening skills, with different rhythms being introduced.

Pre Primary      

Ages 4-5.  Basic ballet steps and creative movement. Becoming a more structured class.


Primary Syllabus work, with a view to take the examination at 6-7 years old for those children who would like to.

Standard 1

Continuing on from the Primary syllabus, here 7-8 year olds develop the skills previously learnt. New steps and concepts are also introduced.

Grade 1

The first of the graded syllabus, where students give an independent demonstration of their basic ballet knowledge.

Standard 2

Students start broadening their vocabulary and repertoire of ballet steps, with a focus on dance quality and expression.

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